Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dresses Tell Stories

Hi Miss C,

I like the drawing of the Egyptain Princess that you sent.

Dresses tell stories.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pedaling Down the Lane

Clover is pedaling down the lane  where lakes, woodlands and prairie meet. She's looking for the many signs of spring. The wild flowers are in bloom and a pair of geese are nesting in the rushes. The swans are migrating, and stop to swim. A muskrat waddles across the road, and the frog pond is alive with the sound of many croaks!

The colors of spring are woven into purses on a small hand held loom with an intersting button added.


Hi Miss C, I see your smile in the mirror and think "It's a good hair day!"
Hair styles are important. They are personal and individual. That's true for beauticians too! I like her spikey hairdo.
I'm happy when the beautician is having a good hair day especially when it's my turn for a haircut!



FLOWER SEEDS: Morning glories bloom in the morning. Flour o'clocks bloom in the afternoon. Zinnas bloom all day! And moon flowers bloom towards evening-perhaps they would do well in overcast climates. A pinwheel on windy days!